Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Here are a selection of some videos I am either playing in, 
or have recorded the music for.
Our group Scad the Beggars performing at the Broadisland Gathering in 2016.
Here I was playing Fiddle, English Concertina and Hammered Dulcimer.
* * * * * 
Limerick's Lamentation, played by me on Hammered Dulcimer 
in Carrickfergus Castle.
* * * * * 
Playing Hand me down the Tackle on my Fiddle 
with John Hughes on Uilleann Pipes
at the Causeway Dulcimer Festival in 2005. 
Playing a set of Scottish Tunes on my Hammered Dulcimer.
Promoting the Glens of Antrim with the lovely old melody, the Blue Hills of Antrim,
played here on English Concertina & Hammered Dulcimer.
Playing two Irish Reels on my Mandolin.
Playing two Irish Reels on my Tenor Banjo.
Playing three Northumbrian Tunes on my English Concertina
with my friend Sam Fleming on Northumbrian Pipes.
Playing Two Hornpipes on my Anglo Concertina
Sabine and I playing at Dunluce Castle in period costume.
The tune is Planxty Charles O'Connor.
I am playing my Nyckelharpa and Sabine is playing a Gothic Harp.
Playing two Reels on my Tenor Guitar with friends 
for an edition of Blas Ceoil for BBC Ulster TV.
Recorded in the House of McDonnell, Ballycastle.
A set of Scottish tunes I composed for my friend Maurice Duncan 
and played on Fiddle, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Tenor Banjo 
& Swedish Nyckelharpa.
A flavour of the Causeway Dulcimer Festival which I organised 
and produced in Bushmills in 2005.
* * * * *   * * * * *   * * * * *

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