Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Recordings!

Here are a couple of Cassettes I produced, which, 
as well as featuring a number of well known local Traditional Musicians, 
also featured a number of my more confident students.
* * * * *
To demonstrate that this idea of my promoting the two musical traditions of Ulster is not all just talk, here are some quotes from reviews of CDs I have produced the music for.

'From a Northern Shore'
Traditional Music from the Causeway Coast
by Dick Glasgow

1 “Dick is a Scot and lives in Co. Antrim. He is a man who's happy and contented in two music traditions, and this is reflected in the tunes he has composed.”

Aidan O'Hara

2 "It’s a magnificent CD from the great Scotsman living in Co. Antrim. A wonderful mixture between Irish and Scottish traditions."   
Mich Nielsen
* * * * *

'Whun a' the Kye had Names'
By Charlie Gillen and Ptarmigan

3 "Musically this album is a little treat, & don't be put off by the "Scottish Traditional Music" in the title, the tunes here have a definite Irish accent."  "They also point to the wealth of the musical tradition we share across the two communities."   
Sean Laffey
* * * * *The Bandits were a junior group I formed from some of my more accomplished students in the Ballycastle area. Liz Weir kindly offered her services by adding a couple of lovely stories to the mix & local photographer Kevin McAuley kindy donated a couple of beautiful photographs for the project. 

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